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It is usually maintained by online marketing professionals that pretty much any type of job with online existence needs a blog.

‘Obtain a blog!’ say lots of how-to online marketing pamphlets. ‘Produce beneficial material’, claims Google, and useful content often suggests simply that – top quality short articles released on your blog.

However, exactly what if you are a small brick-and-mortar dining establishment as well as all you can think about in terms blogging topics is discussing your special of the day, should you actually go for it?

Your blog is all regarding the customer

Before beginning a business blog site, ask yourself this crucial concern:


If you have a difficulty addressing this question, probabilities are you want to do it for all the incorrect reasons.

Today, lots of company proprietors feel forced to have a blog simply since everyone else has one. Nevertheless, there could possibly be much better methods of performing your material advertising approach (we’ll discuss it later on) compared to in fact killing it with a blog without a purpose.

So, if your suspicion advises you versus creating a blog site, yet the voice of awareness doesn’t allow you say the last ‘No’, keep reading – you might find this article useful.

What a corporate blog is NOT


Many people misconstrue what corporate blogs are everything about. As an outcome, they invest a whole lot of time and resources fruitless, while these can be placed to far better use.

It’s wrong to think about your blog site as:

1. A place where you only article business information as well as promo materials

2. A part of your website that you can maintain updated occasionally, whenever you feel like

3. An area where you publish enjoyable stuff not relevant to your biz

4. A space with SEO’ed ‘content’ which you created primarilyfor thesearch engines

5. Something you have just in order to have the ability to add fresh content to your site

Although the above points could be official reasons for starting a blog site, if these are the only reasons you have – much better think about other options.

For example, one relocating firm in Chicago has a blog linked-to from their site which doesn’t do much for them if you ask me. At a glance, it even resembles it was produced for Search Engine Optimization objectives, due to the fact that there is no engagement whatsoever: I really did not find any kind of remarks or shares there.

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So, although upon closer examination it appears they invested quite a great deal of time creating that material, the blog itself leaves much to be wanted: it might utilize a lot more dependable holding (as opposed to being organized on WordPress free of charge), and one can actually bother to eliminate those default WordPress links in the bottom right corner.

Some fantastic alternative to having a blog

Again, when making that choice for or versus having a blog site, think about:

– Why you need it in the initial place,

– Whether there’s a much better way to attain the objectives you have in mind.

It is feasible that you have actually simply never assumed of various other options you may have that would assist you accomplish the very same goals, yet without establishing a blog.

1. Create a knowledge base

Sometimes, an entrepreneur would certainly such as to enlighten their customers about the topics he/she has expertise in. Exactly what’s generally made use of for this purpose is supposed ‘evergreen content’ produced around some classic topics in your niche.

So, if you recognize that the extent of such topics is limited which you won’t have the ability to maintain including extensive posts often, you might be far better off creating an Understanding Base or something similar rather than a blog.

For circumstances, GetResponse, a business that provides email marketing options, has an excellent Understanding Establishment where they inform their target markets on various e-mail advertising and marketing matters and also beyond.

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2. Get a press room/news sections

Chances are your firm is doing e-mail advertising and marketing, news release advertising and marketing or merely has news to report periodically. If that holds true, having a ‘News’, ‘In Press’ or a comparable page on your site definitely helps.

For instance, Le Labo, a perfume and fragrances store in downtown Manhattan has a ‘Press Review’ as well as a ‘Information’ area on their site. Each time I move the computer mouse over a particular journal cover in the collection, a new write-up appears. Neat!

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3. Set up a FAQ base

A Frequently Asked Question (often asked questions) page is frequently a good means to place your website for certain concern people might be inputting in when looking for things on Google.

For example, Manhattan Shoe Repair work have this Frequently Asked Question part on their internet site where they respond to all form of shoe-related questions individuals might have:

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4. Develop an unique deals section

Instead of creating a blog to post your special offers, you might produce a different part on your site for that. In many methods, it’s a far better solution considering that it will be really clear to your visitors what is being published in this component of your site.

For instance, a Belgian restaurant called Petite Abeille has a ‘Promotions’ area where they write about the most recent deals, deals as well as giveaways for their customers.

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5. Leverage social media

There are lots of debates as to why small job should tap right into social networks. Initially, it can be a fantastic interaction electrical outlet in the modern globe where a brand name is expected to be found on at least some major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and so on)

Second, social media can be a great device for spreading your brand name message, discussing appropriate material with your target market as well as probably supplying client support.

So, to do all these things, you might not really need a blog site where you’ll have to take care of obstacles like locating subjects to blog about or handling comment spam (plus, having remark spam on your blog site might land you in problem with Google nowadays).

By the method, you don’t need to create an account on each social network under the sun. Just pick one or 2 you are comfortable with as well as remember to keep them upgraded as well as checked on a normal basis.

Just please, see to it you do not run your web page like these men. Although possibly appreciated by some fans, their web page looks boring with virtually the same photos of their special food selection posted week after week:


Final words

To summarize exactly what was claimed above, it’s not constantly that a firm (particularly if it’s a small company) requires a blog site. It might hold true that, as your company grows, the particular niche in which you run or the resources available to you get expanded.

If that happens, you might reevaluate your strategy as well as probably start a blog. Until then, assume twice and also consider various other (often a lot better) means of speaking to as well as reaching your audience.