Ebookmakr’s Beginning: Transforming A Food Blog Into A Recipe E-Book

Back in early 2012, I was aiming to turn my food blog– I enjoy making ice lotion (without milk or eggs, though, because of some food allergies on my side)– right into a dish publication. And provided my inquisitiveness for e-books as well as self-publishing, I wished to publish it myself on Kindle.

To my surprise, it transformed out that turning a WordPress blog into Kindle e-book was fairly a complicated procedure, in addition to that the.mobi report would not work with the various other electronic book stores such as iBooks, Kobo and so on. So, I believed to myself: Would not it be excellent to produce a software application as a solution, that transforms offered material right into electronic books, particularly if the content is already offered as a blog?

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Back then, content advertising was still in its infancy and also I saw a wonderful potential in gathering the big quantity of available premium quality content, repackage it as well as disperse it as electronic books– be commercial, non-profit, user-base growth or personal reputation. The opportunities seemed to be limitless, especially if the software would be as basic as a typewriter to make use of. (Later, we had a snappy pitch improved that suggestion: „ Did you come to be a […] technician prior to you wrote your first letter on a typewriter? No. So, why would you– as a writer– need to find out HTML & CSS for composing an ebook?”)

I Know What Needs To Be Built

That was the minute, when Ebookmakr– I swiftly registered the hallmark and also safeguarded one of the most vital top level domain names– came into being. In springtime 2012, I was interviewing close friends with a bunch of material at their hands as well as individuals from the sector that validated my concept of the untidy scenario as for electronic book production was concerned.

After a while, I was persuaded that my analysis of the publishing industry and its potential were right. Someone respected from the sector called Ebookmakr a “system relevant innovation” and also it was clear to me that the venture would certainly have an excellent chance of coming to be a homerun.

Looking back, I need to confess that at that time, my love for Ebookmakr started clouding my reasoning and the job began going southern. It didn’t do so in technical way, however. I found some excellent designers in Wroclaw that were developing a highly developed JavaScript-based prototype.

Ebookmakr’s Product-/ Market Fit Troubles

We had quite some sign-ups initially, yet only a few tasks were actually created. People appear to enjoy the import function from WordPress and other blogs, however not a solitary blog-based electronic book ever before rolled off the Ebookmakr’s product-line to be dispersed by means of the Kindle store.

Users all of a sudden started whining concerning Ebookmakr being just offered in English.

Also, users started asking regarding the import of Word papers, a function the prototype really did not support at that point. As well as being provided in Germany, fairly some discussions circled privacy and also a SaaS offering that would be held in USA.

It ended up, that we ran a lot of customer interviews among our (very early adoption-minded) peers, that fit with English, Ebookmakr being holding in the USA, and that had no privacy issues.

Ebookmakr’s End

At completion of December 2012, we turned off Ebookmakr. My recipe publication never ever obtained released and also my ice cream blog site is lengthy gone. (You could still watch some videos on ice cream making, however.)

We never handled to sell or open up source Ebookmakr’s software program. (You would certainly need to begin over currently anyhow.)

And when I published my “Lean Individual Testing” e-book back in springtime 2015, I used among Ebookmakr’s former rivals and also it functioned well. Much like I expected Ebookmakr would.

Ebookmakr Failing– Lessons found out:

  1. Love the issue a lot more than your solution.
  2. Don’t press as well far your long for China in your hand.
  3. Use prototyping tools such as Marvel or Invision when running individual interviews. (Learn more on this technique in my article: 4 Instructions Gained from Making Consumer Worth Your Concern.)
  4. Be mindful with the choice procedure for user interviews: You may wind up choosing those that will sustain your vision– it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy trap.
  5. Beware of incorrect positives in user interviews.
  6. Never start creating a single line of code prior to a proper number of consumers joined. (For clarification: Consumers are paying individuals.)
  7. Never invest cash on establishing a model when you’re not functioning full-time on growing the user-base and raising client value.
  8. Be patient as well as give your item the time it needs.
  9. Always make top quality tshirtses and wear them later on regularly to maintain the recollection of the disaster.

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